BetterBack - The Best Solution For Back Pain At Arms Reach

In this day and age, back pain is an everyday problem. Whether we have physically demanding jobs or we end up sleeping in bad positions, this uncomfortable issue can be hard to get rid of.

Robert Harris, a busy sales agent constantly on the go, recalls his first experience with the product:

“I’m a very health-conscious person, eating well and working out whenever I can, but years of desk jobs and traveling has taken its toll on me. I woke up with an aching back and went to sleep with one.”

He was determined to find a solution, going to doctors and chiropractors, to no avail.

“My busy lifestyle meant that I needed a quick fix on the go, if possible. That’s how I found BetterBack! No matter what hotel bed I sleep in, I’m pain-free – it’s incredible!”

Let us explain why BetterBack is the best posture corrector on the market! Pros, cons and everything in between, this invention made many people’s lives so much easier ever since they started using it. 


“I use BetterBack on flights or whenever I have time to sit down for at least 15 minutes. It does exactly what it says – my posture has never been better!” – Robert confirms.

What’s the secret behind BetterBack?

BetterBack corrects bad posture. It uses a simple, but effective way to enforce a position to relieve tension in the spine.

Incorrect posture is the main reason for back pain. This is most evident while we are sitting down, which is when we are most prone to adopt a slouching position. BetterBack prevents exactly that – it helps you to stay in a position that’s best for your spine in the long run, training you to sit upright!

BetterBack stabilizes the spine while providing lumbar support and relieving tension from the pelvic area.


What’s the science behind BetterBack?

BetterBack is an all-natural, drug-free solution to reduce back pain and correct bad posture

Medicines have benefits, but some have serious side effects as well. BetterBack is the best choice for people who experience chronic back pain related to bad posture, as this issue can be easily corrected by this ingenious device!

Who wouldn’t want to skip a hospital visit and trade it for 15 minutes of sitting comfortably in a chair?

It is best to get checked by a doctor to make sure you don’t have any serious medical issues, but if you don’t there’s no reason not to try BetterBack to correct years of bad habits and relieve that pain in a non-invasive way!

With a few exceptions, chairs are rarely designed to conform to the human spine. BetterBack aims to correct this and preserve the natural s-shape of the spine by manipulating muscles around that area. It enforces a healthy position to sit in.

What does it make OxyBreath cheaper and more effective?

 It even comes with insertable packs that feature either a hot or cold compress, adding to the therapeutic value of the device.

This can be used to speed up the healing process when you have pain and inflammation in your lower back!


Even 15 minutes of daily use will help you feel relieved and pain-free in the long run – BetterBack makes any chair healthy and comfortable to sit in!


Benefits of using BetterBack

Easy to carry

Lightweight and foldable, BetterBack is convenient to bring along with you, even while traveling. You can set it up anywhere you need it!


Its waterproof shell and memory foam-padded back support will provide you with maximum comfort. The customizable straps ensure that anyone can adjust the device to fit their body shape perfectly. Plus-size straps are available to purchase as well!


BetterBack only needs to be purchased once, and you’re set for good! You can save a lot of money by not having to buy medication for your pain. It can even be used by multiple people in the household, as you only need to wear it for a short time to experience the benefits!

Backed by medical professionals

Doctors use it too – and recommend it wholeheartedly!

Appearance in the media

Katherine Krug, the inventor of BetterBack had the chance to present her device on the popular TV show called Shark Tank in 2016. This helped to launch her product into success, as the hosts ended up trying it out on live TV!

More than 20.000 people supported the production of BetterBack by donating on Kickstarter and Indiegogo – which goes to show that people are interested in finding a drug-free way to relieve back pain!

Here’s a list to summarize the pros and cons of BetterBack!

Nothing is more important than maintaining our health! If there is a way to protect ourselves from the siege of bacteria, viruses and fungi, we must be forethoughtful and act rapidly!

Conclusion: Does it worth?

Of course! If there is a way to feel more confident with your health during this period, OxyBreath Pro is definitely one of them. The combination of high quality materials, comfortable fit and good value for money is the best choice for protecting you from dangerous viruses, dust particles and dangerous contaminants that are always present in the air. It beats other masks on the market with a high value for money, it is easy-to-obtain with good supply and it is affordable. It is made of of high-quality material and has a comfortable face shape.



  •  Affordable and lasts for a lifetime
  •  Instant posture correction, it’s convenient to keep up with daily usage
  •  No complicated steps to set up the device, easy to use
  •  Travel-friendly and lightweight



  • During first time use, it can cause muscle stiffness if worn too long
  • Can only be worn by sitting down
  • Cannot be used while driving

People’s choice 

Robert has been 100% satisfied with his BetterBack device so far.


“I am so thankful for BetterBack, it improved my life quality in more ways than one. I perform even better at the gym, too, ever since I started using it. No need to carry painkillers with me all the time. I’ve been recommending it to all my friends and family!”

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with BetterBack. Try it out and see for yourself!

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