In this day and age, it’s trendy to be health-conscious. If you want to motivate your loved ones, provide them with a fitness-oriented present, like FitTrack!

FitTrack is not a regular smart scale. Monitor your body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass. Analyze how drinking water affects the level of hydratation.

FitTrack measures 17 vital health insights you can use to stay motivated and make smarter decisions about your health.

It’s easy to use with any smartphone – don’t miss the chance to introduce it to your friends and family while it’s still available!

Shark Tank Winner, Today Show’s “Next Big Thing” Winner, and Patent-Pending!

  • The Secret Ingredient – Silver has natural antimicrobial properties that are proven to stop 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth and destroy odors FAST. StankStix is infused with this powerful, natural ingredient (and other plant-based oils) that work faster and better than anything you’ve ever seen.
  • See Results In As Little As 24 Hours! – Place StankStix inside anything that stinks and let it do the rest. Be amazed as the nasty odor fades away and never comes back.
  • Kills The Most Stubborn Smells! – Small and powerful, StankStix is perfect for: shoes/boots, sports equipment, garbage cans, cars, gym bags, lunch boxes, kitchen cabinets, cat litters, and more!
  • Safe For The Entire Family (Even Pets)! – Say goodbye to toxic chemical sprays! StankStix is made with plant-based essential oils and 100% natural ingredients.
  • Lasts For 10 Years! – That’s right – StankStix sticks will last for 3,650 days. No need to buy new stix… just replace the inserts every season for optimum performance.
  • No Weird “Masking” Scents (a customer favorite!) StankStix will NOT mask or replace the odor with other “smells” (e.g. rose bush or cedar tree) like other chemical-filled products. They simply neutralize the smell so it just smells clean again.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – Your stink is our first priority so if we cant do the job, please send it back! We are so confident you will love our stix, if you don’t, get a full refund within the first 30 days!


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