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From sunglasses to reading glasses, one fact that you cannot run away from is that they can easily get dirty pretty easily. Dust from the environment and fingerprints on the lenses can compromise the efficiency of the glasses. But the bigger problem is that efforts to clean using conventional methods rarely yield desirable results.
Peeps is a next-generation gadget for safe and fast cleaning of the eyeglasses. It is designed with a special carbon microfiber formula that will easily clear dirt and fingerprints on the glasses leaving them as clean as new.
The Peeps brush wipes off the debris on the lenses, before the tweezer-shaped carbon-infused micro-fiber pads clean the glasses on both sides. When you are done, simply push the tool into the cap for auto recharging and cleaning of the pads.
You no longer need to use pieces of clothes to clean your glasses, Peeps is your best option.


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